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  • Walking safari in the Luangwa
  • Luangwa elephants from the air (courtesy Andy Hogg and John Coppinger)
  • The Luangwa River, Zambia

Fast Facts

  • Walking safari turf
  • Not quite mainstream
  • Excellent guides
  • Special for nocturnal species


Home of the modern day walking safari with exceptional options in the Luangwa, lower Zambezi and Kafue parks

Up until the 1970's Zambia was considered to have had some of the highest game populations in Africa. The country has been recovering steadily over the last decade with fresh government controls over hunting and poaching. Almost 30% of the country is now under game management.

Zambian has a well developed tourism infrastructure and a small but sophisticated safari industry with excellent lodges and seasonal bush camps and some of Africa's best safari guides. Ten years ago safaris in Zambia were ideally suited for "old Africa hands" or those seeking a remote and more exclusive safari. The Livingstone hub and connections into the lower Zambezi and Luangwa valley have put these old routes well within the reach of mainstream tourism.

A vast grassy plateau dominates the country with the prime wildlife regions being concentrated around the Luangwa, Kafue and Zambezi water systems. Whilst not sharing the game diversity of some of its neighbours, Zambia's wildlife concentrations are impressive. It's ideal for specialists seeking specific African game species or birdlife on a brilliant scale.

Night drives are a speciality in Zambia and provide arguably the best means for seeing some of the more elusive nocturnal species, including leopard.

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