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  • Danie with tiger on a fly from Jecha Point Fishing Lodge, Chirundu
  • Musango Tigerfish
  • Kids having sport in the sunset
  • Musango flyfishing (courtesy David Rogers)
  • Shane and Bruno at Imbabala

Fast Facts

  • Catch and release
  • Fly, spinning and bait
  • Pro guides available
  • Upper and lower Zam
  • Excl US$10 river usage fee


Go with a local pro angler. They won't necessarily thread your worms but these boys spin some good yarns and you'll make some great catches!

With over 75 species in these warm waters, you can't go wrong on the Zambezi River. It offers one of the most exciting and challenging experiences for avid anglers: an opportunity to catch the Tiger Fish. Rated by many sports anglers as the finest freshwater fighting fish in the world, this powerful and swift predator is sure to give you a run for your money.

From Vic Falls, you have a choice of two amazing fishing locations. If you're looking for some peace and tranquillity, the gentle rapids and islands above the falls offer a great opportunity to catch bream. If you're looking for a challenging angling adventure, the Batoka Gorge features some of the wildest and most unusual locations to catch the infamous Tiger Fish. 

Despite seasonal variations, fish are caught year round. Best time for Riger is during the hot summer months between August and March when the fish are more active. We generally adopt a catch and release policy for all fish caught.  Local taxidermy and freight services are available for trophy specimens taken by exception. 

Half and full day trips are available in Victoria Falls and should be booked in advance between August and October, during December, March and April.

The remote Lower Zambezi offers one of the finest freshwater angling experiences in the world. This scenic area is well populated with big game. Over 350 bird species have been recorded in the area so you're unlikely to get bored if the quarry goes off the bite.

Lake Kariba is also a firm favourite throughout the year.  "Tiger-time" coincides with the KITFT contest late in October. Bream are abundant. 

Local professional flyanglers can guide you on a flyfishing adventure for an added dimension to this exciting sport. Catching the Tiger Fish on normal tackle is exciting in itself, but to catch one on a fly rod is beyond belief and well worth the small premium.


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Ashton alongside Andy with the "EricLeCat" floating trophy

Ashton Berry

Ashton grew up catching tiddlers on Lake Kariba. He's mastered the touch for collaring much larger fish as a result. He's alongside Andy Hogg with the "EricLeCat floating trophy" last spotted in Kenya. Eric is presently on display in Zambia - until the next contest!

Steve with a Musango monster

Steve Edwards

Steve is best known as a Professional Guide, the owner and big personality behind Musango. He spends his time between home in Vic Falls and Musango Safari Camp, Lake Kariba. One day Steve might grow up and progress beyond the tiddlers!

Danie with tiger on a fly from Jecha Point Fishing Lodge, Chirundu

Danie Coetzee

Danie grew up in Makuti within striking distance of Lake Kariba and the lower stretches of the Zambezi River. This is prime tiger water best tackled with a flyrod and the Flycatcher boys. More often than not you'll find Danie at Jecha Point Fishing Lodge, Chirundu.