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Zambezi Field Trip

  • Elephant encounter on foot
  • Buffalo encounter on foot
  • VFSL waterhole courtesy Charles Brightman

Fast Facts

  • Half day field trip
  • Conservation awareness
  • Anti-poaching with VFAPU
  • Zambezi National Park

Zambezi Field Trip

Spend a half-day learning about conservation efforts with the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit in the Zambezi National Park

Charles Brightman, in support of the Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU), runs the Wildlife Conservation and Awareness Safari in an effort to raise awareness of wildlife conservation efforts taking place behind the scenes in the Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe.

This is a half-day activity that starts off at 6:30am with a presentation by a member of VFAPU. You'll be given a full background and history of the unit and will learn about the many aspects of the unit's operations, their challenges and successes. An explanation will be given on the various types of poaching that take place in the region. You'll also be shown how snares are laid to poach mammals.

You'll be able to witness the work of this unit first-hand with a field trip into the Zambezi National Park where you'll be tasked to record game sightings, identify spoor, patrol and sweep for wire snares as well as investigate for any signs of poaching. You'll walk in a variety of terrains and should be reasonably fit in order to participate.

This activity in itself plays an important role in conservation efforts. The field trip covers areas that are rarely patrolled by the VFAPU team and provides a useful deterrent to various forms of poaching. 

The field trip costs $100 plus $15 Parks Fees.  Part of the proceeds goes directly to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Protection Trust.  Return hotel transfers are included. A light breakfast, tea/coffee and mineral water is provided. Don't forget to bring: binoculars, hats, sunscreen, cameras, good walking/hiking boots and water.  

VFAPU in action whilst saving a warthog 


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+1 (347) 708 1794
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