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Family Safaris

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Fast Facts

  • Vic Falls is "child-friendly"
  • Caring guides
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  • Options for all ages

Family Safaris

Choose Vic Falls for "milestone events" or just to reconnect. Grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance to get together as a family!

There's more room in Africa than anywhere on the planet to let your family learn well beyond the basics, and all in the care of really great hosts and skilled guides. Let Africa stretch your family's horizons.

You'll be amazed how much more your children absorb than you in the same time and space… guaranteed. They'll recite all the scientific names, the medicinal uses of plants, odd animal characteristics, seasonal variances of the most obscure LBJ in a tick.  They'll remember the names of their guides and smile broad smiles as they recount to their friends the many tall tales they heard (the best guides just can't help it).

By the time they get home, they'll be experts.  If you get it right and we do our jobs, they'll have gone a long way to becoming African ambassadors and true citizens of this great rock that we inhabit.

Whether you're arranging a "milestone" event or just planning a regular family break, Vic Falls is a good place to start with.  Its an ideal spot for all the generations young and old. There's more beyond too. Its worth spending time on your research with us and we'll get it right for you. 

Our own families are very much at home in Africa, its in their blood, so speak to any one of us ... or explore the family safaris on our parent site in more detail.

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+1 (347) 708 1794
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    Contact the Zambezi team

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Enquiries and bookings

Contact the Zambezi team

Please let us have as much relevant info as possible...

...good family accommodation

...things to do with youngsters

Boma reception, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Boma Night

The “Place of Eating”, a cultural experience that'll overwhelm your senses with the tastes, sights, sounds & smells of Africa!

Elephant encounter on foot

Zambezi Field Trip

Spend a half-day learning about conservation efforts with the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit in the Zambezi National Park

aerial over the Devil's Cataract

Helicopter rides

Get a bird’s-eye view of Victoria Falls with a short helicopter flip or spot wildlife from the sky with a full game flight over the Batoka Gorge.