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Bush & beach Combos

  • Manta beach stroll (courtesy Jesper Anhede)
  • Tana River delta kids

Fast Facts

  • "Go East"
  • Mozambique or the islands
  • Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Kenya and Lamu

Bush & beach Combos

Go east into Africa or head out to the Islands for the simplest bush and beach combinations !

Africa's east coast offers magical islands and secluded beach hideaways. The key is to get the season right and to find the right spots. Choices range from "cheap as chips" resorts to a small collection of luxury private enclaves.

Our traditional safari season starts in the dry winter months from late June until the rains herald the start of our hot summer from mid November.  This is when wildlife viewing is at its best. But, the early part of the season isn't necessarily the best time to get down to the beaches, especially in southern Africa.

So your real options for the best of both worlds happen on the east coast of Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

Most of Kenya's mainstream coastal retreats centre around Mombasa, an area that focuses on large resorts and package holidays. The northern stretches offer world-class sport fishing at Malindi and unspoiled Swahili culture with quiet and outstanding beach breaks in the Lamu Archipelago.

A great extension to any of our safaris is Zanzibar. This island off the coast of Tanzania offers a great beach getaway with a variety of options.

If you can spend a little more, why not combine a mainland safari with one of the luxury resorts in the Indian Islands? Don't worry if your budget doesn't stretch all the way to the crown jewels; even on a slightly smaller budget, we can make your Seychelles dream come true with a beach break on Praslin Island.

Johannesburg and Nairobi are the hubs for our beach breaks, which is simple enough to and from Victoria Falls. 

Explore our Bush and Beach Safaris in more detail.

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