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Victoria Falls by the Zambezi team

...launching point for extraordinary safaris into Southern Africa

  • Big Air bungee off Victoria Falls Bridge
  • Tandem bridge swing
  • Victoria Falls Bridge swing
  • Zambezi BigAir

Fast Facts

  • Super 44% discount!
  • Bungee, swing and slide
  • From Victoria Falls Bridge



Bungee jump, Bridge Swing and Bridge slide in one hugely discounted package, the ultimate fix off the Victoria Falls Bridge

Your friends will probably think you've gone crazy when you tell them you're planning to jump off the Vic Falls bridge.  You might even think the same.  The truth is: you're going to survive it and the bragging rights will last forever...

You would be crazy NOT to take the "BigAir" deal! You get the bungee jump, plus the swing and the bridge slide.  Normal price is $125+$125+$35=$285. 

BigAir price is $160, a saving of $125.  That's 44%!

The Bridge is 111m high and the jump and swing will have you freefall for about 70m. For the bungee you're on your own as it is done solo. But, if you want to really cement a relationship with a good friend, then do the swing in tandem. The zipline is a mere appetiser!

It's the "BigAir" deal....just go for it!


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